Dr. Marvin McFerrin House

Though forgotten, he has a story to tell

Ghost steps serve as a physical reminder of turn-of-the-century Nashville

This is the former site of Dr. Marvin McFerrin’s house. The style of the house and year the house was built are unknown.

Dr. McFerrin was born May 3rd, 1867 in Williamson County to a prominent middle Tennessee family. He married Ina Davies in St. Ann’s Church in 1898. They lived on 803 Woodland Avenue following their marriage.

Ina Davies McFerrin died in 1912 at the age of 38. Her obituary lists McFerrin as a prominent dentist of Nashville and notes that she was the organist at St. Ann’s Church for five years. Ten years after her passing, McFerrin married Ina’s sister, Estella, at St. Ann’s as well. She was a Nashville Public School teacher for more than forty years, spending the last twenty-five of those as a math teacher at Hume-Fogg School. After their marriage they moved to 900 Shelby Ave. Estella McFerrin passed away in 1937. In 1953, Dr. McFerrin was found by a neighbor inside his home, dying at the age of 85.

Though the home longer stands, its remaining stairs serve as a physical reminder of a family that embodied the professional class inhabitants of turn-of-the-century East Nashville.