Ernest Tubb Record Shop

A country music icon brings a record business to Nashville

Since 1947, Ernest Tubb Record Shop has been a locally owned and operated record shop in downtown Nashville, TN. It was founded by Grand Ole Opry Ernest Tubb and his partner Charles Mosley at 720 Commerce St. on May 3, 1947, and was renowned for having some of the best and rarest records. With Ernest Tubb owning the record shop, he displayed a great collection of his own records. On Saturdays during the Grand Ole Opry, Tubb would promote his shop and this show of him promoting his shop became known as the Midnight Jamboree. The shop, wanting to keep a good customer base, started to recommend 45 size records then the 78s because of 45s being too brittle and breaking in the mail. In 1951, the main shop was changed to 417 Broadway, which allowed them more room for their live in-store broadcasts on Saturday night. After opening the Broadway store, Ernest Tubb Record Shop expanded to other locations including: The Music Valley Drive store near the Opryland Hotel, a location in Pigeon Forge, TN, and also a location in Fort Worth, TX. After the death of Tubb in 1984, David McCormick took over after being a manager at the Broadway store and then a partner. In 2016, Ernest Tubb Record Shop at the Music Valley Drive location closed down because of running costs.