ACME Feed & Seed

The ACME Feed & Seed building was built in 1890 by J.R. Whitmore. Whitmore then rented the building to brothers Frederic and William Cummins. They opened the building as a local grocery store before it. Before becoming the ACME Feed & Seed, the building was home to several other businesses including the Southern Soda Works, Ford Flour Co., and Bearden Buggy. When Bearden Buggy rented the building in 1913, they added a wooden elevator to the building to move buggies up and down the building. For the next thirty years, the building was rented to several other local stores like a drug store and storage warehoused. In 1943, the building was rented by Currey L. Turner who opened it as ACME Feed and Hatchery. The store sold straw, feed, wire, tools, and other supplies needed on the farm. In 1980, Currey L. Turner’s son Lester Turner Sr. bought the building and kept the store open until 1999 when it was closed due to running costs. The building was put up for rent in 2000 and stayed vacant until 2013 when Tom Morales, owner of TomKats, and several other investors, including famous country music star Alan Jackson, leased the building to open ACME Feed & Seed Bar. It has now been put on the list of historical buildings in downtown Nashville.